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How to make online dating work during COVID

How to make online dating work during COVID

In late March, the video of Brooklyn-based photographer Jeremy Cohen asking his neighbor out with a drone went viral. They proceeded to have a Facetime dinner and a socially distanced date when Jeremy was inside a plastic bubble. The story was cute, goofy, romantic – the whole package. While strolling in the city inside a plastic bubble can be fun once or even twice, it is not a permanent solution to dating amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the past six months, we have more or less gotten used to the new normal – remote working, masks in the public, in-country vacations but the realm of dating still remains uncertain. Especially for affectionate people like us, Armenians – dating poses a lot of questions.

In this article, we will talk about how Armenian singles can make online dating work during COVID. 

The premise and concept of online dating hasn’t changed

It is estimated that nearly 30.4 million Americans used dating apps in 2019. Given that you’re here, reading this article, I am going to assume you’ve used an Armenian dating app at least once before COVID. Online dating didn’t appear out of thin air and became a novelty during COVID. The rules and premise of online dating have not changed that much. There are more factors to consider when agreeing to go on a date but all in all, the concept is the same. 

As you’re entering an Armenian dating app now, don’t expect anything out of the ordinary. Do your usual browsing, meet new Armenian singles and hopefully, you will come across your soulmate. When it comes to reaching out and setting up the date, the approach has shifted a little, which takes us to the next point. 

Communication is the key 

If there is something that’s very typical to Armenian dating small talk. We loooove covering all bases – work, education, family, you name it. So, during that textual interaction, make sure you talk about the situation and what options of taking things out of the dating app you’re both comfortable with. A lot of love coaches recommend getting on a zoom call once. Physical attraction is a powerful thing and it can happen via Zoom or Facetime too. So before setting up an in-person date, it’s a good idea to have a video call and make sure the attraction is there.

Be it in the Armenian dating app, in other chats or video calls, communicate your fears about dating during COVID. Let your “dating interest” know how you feel about this situation and if you’ve done a test and the result was negative, do share that. If COVID tests are free in your city/community and you really want to meet up in person, you can both take a test before the actual meet-up.  

Look at the bright side of online dating during COVID

When two Armenian singles get together, there is always something to talk about but getting the conversation started can be a challenge sometimes. COVID is the ultimate icebreaker, so to get the ball rolling you can discuss the pandemic (no more awkward silences!) and move to more pleasant topics. As a matter of fact, do make sure that you talk about something else other than COVID. 

In other circumstances, when you meet someone on an Armenian dating app, you could arrange a date immediately. During COVID, it takes more time and more logistical preparations, so you can use that time to build a deeper connection and make the first date more meaningful. 

Additional words of advice

Before you proceed to go on a date or sign up on an Armenian dating app, make sure that you’re physically and metally healthy and ready. Dating takes energy, so you need to be in the right headspace and who knows, maybe you will meet someone special. 

Have the date outside – an outdoor cafe, park, beach and in all cases, make sure they are not crowded. Set some ground rules ahead of time, such as wearing a mask, getting physical, etc. 

These are strange times and we need to reimagine and adjust nearly all aspects of our lives. Online dating during COVID is a bit more complex but it can still be a positive experience. Just communicate and stay safe!

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