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Love from a distance: is it even possible?

armroom Armenian dating - Love from a distance

Are you single trying to find an Armenian partner who shares the same beliefs and values with you? Sometimes finding an Armenian partner for life is difficult, especially when you live outside Armenia in a small Armenian community. Should you ignore your desires, then?

Of course not! In this era of globalization, one can find hundreds of ways to fulfill their dreams and meet Armenians from different parts of the world. Asking your relatives to find a bride for you is already outdated. You can do it yourself with the help of online dating platforms. armroom, for instance, is a perfect place to start. Here thousands of Armenians gather from different parts of the globe to communicate with others and begin a long-distance relationship, which later turns into marriage!

Is a long-distance relationship worth it?

Although long-distance relationships may sound boring, they have many advantages, especially for Armenians with certain characteristic features that make offline dating more difficult and complicated.

Have you ever encountered a situation when you like someone, but you can’t approach them as you don’t know if they’re single or already taken? Of course, the ignorant face and rejection are the last things you’d like to feel from the one you admire. As a result, you don’t take any actions and miss your chance.

On armroom and other online dating platforms, everything is much simpler. As the goal of each member is to find a love partner, it is easier to communicate with others and start a relationship.

The advantages of a long-distance relationship

Because of the more reserved nature of Armenian girls, they require more time for the relationship to progress. With the help of a long-distance relationship, they will have the time to ask the questions they want from you. Asking questions about your past, family, or even previous relationships builds trust, that will help both to be closer with each other and think about diving deeper into more serious relationships. As a result of long-distance relationships, the couples practice trusting and being trustworthy, which leads to secure and long-lasting love.

In real life, you can hardly meet an Armenian woman who would take the first step. Men are usually the initiators, but sometimes they are scared to take actions, too. However, when starting a long-distance relationship, both men and women feel more confident. They are open to new people. Both can start a conversation as there are less pressure and less awkward moments when you chat online.

With the help of long-distance relationships, you can build emotional connections with each other. You start appreciating the time spent together more and make plans dreaming about your real-life date with each other. As a result, both of you discover the preferences and expectations of your partner and create more memorable moments when you finally meet.

In long-distance relationships, one builds love with words. The warm conversations you have together become more appealing and beautiful than anything else in this world. With the help of words, you can build this unique type of emotional attachment that is stronger than the physical one. How is that even possible? Mostly because you communicate deeper than others and can solve a problem with mere words. This ability gained during a long-distance relationship will make the couple address future issues and conflicts easier in-person.

The disadvantages of a long-distance relationship

The main disadvantage of being in a long-distance relationship is that you will miss each other quite often. Sometimes you’ll feel lonely as you won’t be able to hug or hold hands. However, the more you miss each other, the more excitedly you’ll wait for the time you’ll spend together physically, which will make every second of your date full of emotions and unforgettable moments.

The other disadvantage is that you will have to live by a schedule. Especially when you live in countries with different time zones, you have to be flexible enough to find time for text and video chats, or it won’t work out between you two.

With a long-distance relationship, quality conversations and the time spent together are more appreciated. It is easy to find Armenians for dating online and much easier to discover whether the person you’re speaking with is the one you’re looking for before introducing your Armenian partner to your family and friends. After all, if your relationship passes the test of being apart from each other, it will survive almost everything in life with the gained personal strengths, trust and emotional attachment!  

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