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Your last minute Armenian-themed Valentine’s Day surprise

Your last-minute Armenian themed Valentine's Day surprise

You’ve procrastinated again. Valentine’s Day is here and you have no idea what to get for your loved one. To your defense we have our very own Armenian traditions equivalent to the Valentine’s Day – Feast of Saint Sarkis. One day we’re eating salty cookies and a moment later, everything turns pink and is covered with hearts. 

You could technically go to the nearest mall and get a random gift, or you could keep reading and get some ideas of Armenian themed presents that’ll convey love, appreciation and also support Armenian business owners. So, without further ado, here are some last-minute gift ideas that will leave any Armenian woman and Armenian man in awe. These are things that you’ll be able to find in nearly every corner of the world. 

Photoshoot in Armenian garments 

I have no doubt that you have at least one Facebook friend whose profile picture is a photo from a photoshoot with Photo Atelier Marashlyan. They are absolutely gorgeous and a great way of capturing the Armenian heritage. Marashlyan has an atelier only in Yerevan but with a quick research, you can find studios in your city/country that do such photoshoots. If you don’t find any, look for places that rent taraz (e.g. community centers, dance studios, schools, etc.), find a nice location and book a photographer. The photoshoot doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s day. Get or create a gift card and voila, an amazing gift featuring the best of Armenian customs and traditions.  

Skincare products 

It may not be a very original idea but there are a lot of Armenian men and Armenian women who appreciate a good skincare product. And if it’s an Armenian brand that uses herbs and ingredients unique to Armenia then you’re golden. Luckily there is such a brand – Nairian. They have everything from soaps to toners, lotions, shampoos and even gift sets. If you can’t find Nairian products in your city/country then order from their website. In case it doesn’t reach on time (it most probably won’t since you’re just googling what to buy) then show the order to your significant other and tell them to keep an eye out for a present in their mail.    

Coffee or tea

I don’t know a single Armenian who will say no to good Armenian coffee. The ones who say no prefer tea, so either way you know what to get them. Go to your local Armenian store and browse through their collection of coffee and tea. My personal favorites are Serzh Tankian’s Kavat coffee and TeaYan. You can opt for one of these or another brand of your choice. To make your gift complete, get a jazzve, a teapot or cups to go with the coffee or tea. These can be Armenian themed too or personalized like a cool print or an engraving.  


If you’re looking for a more “permanent gift” that emanates Armenian tradition, your best shot is jewelry. You should have no problem finding jewelry that is either made by an Armenian or Armenian themed. A quick Google search and 10 minutes of browsing on Facebook and Instagram, and you’ll be overwhelmed with choices. There are, of course, the big brands like Pregomesh, Tateossian or AWI International but there are also smaller ones, if you prefer supporting small businesses. An additional tip, check if you can customize the piece of jewelry that you chose. That’ll add an additional sentiment to your gift. 


And of course, last but not least apparel. The Armenian that you’re dating definitely has a favorite piece of clothing that they are always happy to receive – hoodies, hats, scarves, shirts. Do a quick mental search in your memories to remember which piece of clothing they like the most and get one that’s Armenian themed. And again, it can either be by an Armenian brand or Armenian themed. Some ideas for you to consider are Artuyt scarves (they’re Kardashian approved), Light Affect or Faina. If you live in or close to Glendale, I recommend checking Fashion Inn, it’s a store that presents the works of Armenian designers. 

If you’ve reached this far and still have no idea what to get for your Armenian partner then simply make a reservation in a local Armenian restaurant, enjoy delicious food and make a donation to Hayastan All Armenia Fund in their name. After all, giving to others is the best one of all Armenian traditions and customs. 

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 

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